All the professionalism and experience acquired over the years make ELMAK's customers to recive the necessary support to carry out its own solutions, with maximum flexibility.
Services offered by ELMAK in this area are different, and include:

 - Technical and commercial advice in seeking and providing to clients the best solution for their needs, through:
      - Study of the possibilities of integration of products already on the market into tailored solutions
      - Costs estimation and realization time
      - Design and manufacture of custom objects, individual details or complete solutions.
This includes construction of:
           - Customized metal chassis
           - Front panels with custom graphics
           - Keyboard panel
           - Electronic boards to communicate with dedicated protocols
           - CPU systems based on modular architecture through the use of COM-Express cards and Q7
           - Tailored Embedded operating systems

Short time samples realization with minimum investment let possible to overcome the initial difficulties that often arise in creating customized products.
For such reason ELMAK is not intended as a supplier of products, but as a true partner.

For any information please contact our sales department.